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Saturday, Feb 15, 2020

@ Nicolas

Petit suivi de l’apprentissage de la langue chinoise avec cette application. Visit the website : Skritter

About me

Some post about me, lol ! Cut out summary from your post content here.

Favorite quotations

Little list of quote I love.

So far I will suggest you to read Azer Koçulu’s list.

TODO list

My TODO list

  • Integrate more ocarina music sheet
  • Add background to ocarina sheet ?
  • Check CV up to date
  • Add some kind of calendar ?
  • Flipit everywhere ( 70%, lets not do leafes ( do test/leafes ) )
  • fix background flipped ( 80% )
  • Add video and more img to gallery
  • use HD img on lightgallery
  • fix linkedin link and other social media
  • change photos article Taiwan
  • Add english translated posts
  • Add Languages articles
  • Add Thailand article

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